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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Individual project/Interactive Media programme.

The project to be carried is expected to comprise the following:
There will be an introductory window, that will introduce the programme as whole and the author. In this window there will be a full screen video of the flowers; text and audio will be added in.
The second window will be mainly for a nevigation that will enable a learner to nevigate through out the course materials. this window will have a short explanation of how to use the programme and act as a door to other materials present in the CD.
third window which will be mainly chapter one, (but not necessary that a learner should start with chapter one) will be about the anatomy of a rose plant. this will also be a full screen video with audio added in it. The scripts for audio will be prepared.
fourth window (chapter two) will be concerned with the stages of rose flowers development. This will show the flower from its young stage to full bright flower. there will be an animation of a flower from the begining (bud) to the ripen flower (there will be two screens: one for animation and the other for scripts.
Fifth window (chapter 3) will deal mostly with the external parts of a rose flower. this will also comprise two screen: one for animation and the other one for scripts. There will be animation of texts; For example for labeling there will be a text click "enter" for labeling of the flower.
Sixth window (chapter four), this will mostly deal with the longitudinal section of the flower. It will have an animation of a flower opening to get the longitudinal section and animation of text for labeling.
seventh window (chapter five), will be an assignment, in this section there will be a picture with animation and audios. Students will have to respond to some questions concerning parts of the rose flower. a right answer will be acknowledged by clapping hands and wrong answer will receive a yelling/booing sound.
Eighth window will be the acknowledgement.
In success of this I real need a close supervision and assistance because I am not used to the present programmes that I am to use to develop the Media I am intending.

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