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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The government should top up the cost of education in private schools

A simple analysis of students' learning outcomes at primary and secondary education, shows that private schools are doing far better than public schools in Tanzania. In a simple way, it can be argued that, private schools provide better education than public schools. That can be true, because private schools atleast have all teaching and learning resouces and good learning environment, in some cases supported by ICT; something which is rare in pubilc schools. But these schools are afforded by people who are economically well of. They are not meant for the poor majority. A child from a poor family, however competent he/she could be in accademic, has no opportunity to attend studies in these schools unless sponsored by NGOs. On the other hand children from well of families however poor in academic they could be, have a greater opportunity to attend studies in these classic schools.
At the end of their studies (Form four or six), children who are potentially able, come up with low passmark; as were subjected to poor learning environment with limited learning resources (like yeboyebo schools), and those who were potentially unable but managed to attend studies in private schools come up with good passes which give them an opportunity to further their studies. As a result, those academically competent children, who were unluckly born in a poor families will end up being peasants, drug dealers or roberers. The most luckly one would be a teacher. 
My take
Since private schools admit students according to their economic (financial) merites,  isn't it a high time for the government to top up the extra costs that are unaffordable by poor parents so that students join in such schools on academic merites rather than financial merites?

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