A person who knows and is aware that he knows, is wise, follow him; A person who knows but is not aware that he knows, remind him; A person who doesn't know and is aware that he doesn't know, teach him; A person who doesn't know and pretends to know, is fool, leave him

Bless me in my undertakings Dear God, grant me victory and I shall shout your blessings for all to hear of your power!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Microteaching guidelines

Microteaching has for a long time been used as one of the important method for assessing pre-service teachers' competency in pedagogy and content. In the recent publications by Kilic (2010) and Peker (2009), microteaching has been identified as one of the very strong tool to enhance pre-service teachers confidence and skills of teaching. It is possible that most of the teacher training colleges apply the approach in assessing their prospective teachers. It can be interesting to come into contact with these recent publications about microteaching to identify our weaknesses, strengths and improvements needed to make microteching a more interesting approach for students assessment. Just click here to get a publication by Kilic also click here to get a publication by Peker. Peker, tries to describe how microteaching can help to reduce anxiety among pre-service mathematics teachers.

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