A person who knows and is aware that he knows, is wise, follow him; A person who knows but is not aware that he knows, remind him; A person who doesn't know and is aware that he doesn't know, teach him; A person who doesn't know and pretends to know, is fool, leave him

Bless me in my undertakings Dear God, grant me victory and I shall shout your blessings for all to hear of your power!

Monday, July 5, 2010

'Nintendo Brain Games Are Good For Pupils'

Primary-age pupils in half of the schools taking part in the study were given a Nintendo DS with Dr Kawashima's Brain Training game - while pupils at the other schools did not use the game. The trial found that the children who played the Nintendo for 20 minutes every morning for nine weeks improved their score on a 100-question mental arithmetic test by 50%. They also significantly improved the time it took for them to complete the test, with the benefits particularly noticeable among the lowest-achieving children.
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