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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TPACK + WST = ? Curious!!!

During my first study on TPACK integration among preservice teachers in Tanzania, I found that preserivice teachers had the basic knowledge of technology pedagogy and content. They had the theoretical knowledge of how technology can be use in teaching, but they had never tried it in the classroom. When they tried for the first time in the microteaching they were having some difficulties in integrating technology pedagogy and content. It was also difficult to choose the appropriate pedagogical approach that can be support a technology designed lesson. Thus teachers were missing the skills for pedagogical use of technology. The lack of these necessary skills made them less confident on the use of technology and thus, less motivated to use technology.

It was therefore found that despite the theoretical knowledge they had on technology, pedagogy and content they also needed some technological skills which can make them confident on technology use, and thus, develop positive attitude towards technology. In addition, lack of technological tools was mentioned by the majority of the preservice teachers who participated in the study as one of the factors that was hindering them to practice different technological skills. What does this mean? TPACK needs WST model to be effective? But to bring together TPACK and WST? But soon I will be doing a study with the preservice teachers who attended the first training on TPACK and I am going to design for them an intervention that integrate WST and TPACK to see the integration outcomes. Hope I will be able to answer all these questions after this second study on the impact of TPACK and WST on teachers integration of technology in teaching and students' learning outcomes. However, I am again curious about the results! I wish to have some interesting results from this study.

May be after this study we are going to have WSTPACK??!! = Will Skill Tool Pedagogy Content Knowledge Or TATPACK = tool attitude technological pedagogical content knoweldge??! How possible is it? Or we combine skills and knowledge to form technological skill (S) to get TASTPAC! I might be dreaming or over ambitious. Let me wait for the results. 

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