A person who knows and is aware that he knows, is wise, follow him; A person who knows but is not aware that he knows, remind him; A person who doesn't know and is aware that he doesn't know, teach him; A person who doesn't know and pretends to know, is fool, leave him

Bless me in my undertakings Dear God, grant me victory and I shall shout your blessings for all to hear of your power!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tanzania Beyond Tomorrow - Education

Our move towards technology integrated schools
Tanzania beyond Tomorrow the biggest project to integrate ICT in Education in Tanzania. Understanding of TPACK among teachers who are going to implement this concept, can make this project more effective in overcoming the long existed failure in science and mathematics subjects in Tanzania. Thus, implementation of TBT should consider the preparation of teachers to effectively integrate technology, pedagogy and cotent in their teaching.

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