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Friday, April 27, 2012

Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating Technology in Education in Tanzania

Kafyulilo,  Mafumiko and Mkonogwa (under review) Journal of Adult Education
Tanzania has been striving to introduce ICT in education since 1997, when the first computer studies syllabus was introduced in secondary schools. However, efforts to implement ICT in education have not been fruitful due to various challenges that ICT in education has been encountering. This study investigated the various challenges to ICT integration in education and  identified  opportunities that can be utilized by the government, schools and  teachers to integrate  ICT in education in Tanzania. Data for this paper were  collected through self-reported questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. Findings from the study showed that ICT implementation in the country is challenged by: the lack of skilled teachers on ICT use, lack of technological tools in most schools, unreliable electricity supply in most schools, and teachers’ attitude towards technology. Despite these challenges, the study identified opportunities that can be utilized by the government, schools and teachers in Tanzania. Some of these opportunities include: high level of teachers’ motivation to use technology in teaching, availability of a framework to guide teachers’ professional development (e.g. TPACK) as well as the emergency of teachers’ collaboration;  an approach which is highly adopted in schools for teacher professional development. The reported challenges and opportunities are important for the government and other education stakeholders in determining the effective measures for integrating technology in education in Tanzania.

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