A person who knows and is aware that he knows, is wise, follow him; A person who knows but is not aware that he knows, remind him; A person who doesn't know and is aware that he doesn't know, teach him; A person who doesn't know and pretends to know, is fool, leave him

Bless me in my undertakings Dear God, grant me victory and I shall shout your blessings for all to hear of your power!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to make a good teaching?

This presentation was done at Msolwa secondary school in Morogoro Tanzania in 2010, when I was invited for a workshop on how to make a good teaching. I previously posted this presentation in this blog, however some people have asked me to post it again as they could not find it.
So I am bringing it back again for those who wish to make a good teaching in their classrooms.

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