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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The education of the rejected in Tanzania

When I look and think about the educational provision in Tanzania, I decide to classify it into three; the education for the blessed (high class), education for those who eat to live (middle class) and the education for those who lost hope to live in this world, those who are rejected (Poor/low class). The education for the blessed normally refers those who are financially wel off. Cant be reached by the poor people who are almost rejected by both the government and whoever responsible for their living.

Those who are blessed, those whose parents are wel off, those who the government cares about them are the one who studies in schools where there is overflow of teachers, teaching and learning resources, laboratories and all necessary services for smooth learning, as in this picture.In the picture, are grade 2 pupils in one of the "high class schools" in Tanzania learning on how to use a keyboard. There are very few children who are lucky enough to experience this kind of schooling in Tanzania.

The next class of schools in Tanzania is the middle class. This is afforded mostly by people with midium income. These are schools which are mostly afforded by middle class employees in the government. This includes the teachers; the least paid and urespected profession in Tanzania. Example of these schools and the learning environment is shown in the picture below (www.jamiiforums.com).

One might lough when I call this a middle class school. But this is the reality. However, ut there are some better off middle class schools such as the one shown in these pictures
Maybe one would be interested to see the schools for the ow class people in Tanzania. Which are actually the poor people in the country (the first picture was copied from
http://upolesana.blogspot.com/) second picture from www.jamiiforums.com

If you look at the nature of the classes and the learning activities in the schoolsl for the low class people, you will realize why I call this is the education for the rejected.
Funny enough at the end of their studies both low class pupils and middle class pupils seat for the same examination. except those high class schools especially international schools, but some of the schools which are at the rank similar to those of high class level their students use the local curriculum and thus seat for the same examination and tested in the similar way to those who are studying under the tree and thatched classes. Can anybody guess what happens in the result? Can anybody tell the equality of this education? I am sorry, one more question, who can tell the consequence of these children after school? Ooh, I forgot, one more question, who can guess the future of this children? ooh sorry last question, can we fight poverty with this kind of education provision? Finaly what is the future of the nation? I anticipate that few years to come we shall have a clear contrast between the rich and the poor. Where the rich of today plus their families of tomorrow, will remain to be rich and will hold all positions in offices. And those whose parents are poor, thus, they get poor education which hinders them from progressing to further education, will remain to be poor.
If there is any mentaly fit person who can stand to see this situation without opening a mouth to shout for change, its possible that all real men are dead.

"This discussion and pictures covers only primary education".


Kalimenze said...

Am always astonished on how education facilities are not even on agenda of most politicians and so called decision makers,the gap between the have and have not is very high resulted to social classes on attending a better education.Please wake up Tanzania,inequality in education is a great impediment for economic and social development of the nation

Ayoub C Kafyulilo said...

You are very right Deo, we real have a long way to go. The education of Tanzania which is written in papers is quit different from the real education practices in the country.